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Is Your Laptop Touchpad Not Working? Here Are 10 Fixes

It’s easy to panic when the laptop touchpad stops working. If you can’t move your mouse cursor, it’s hard to do much on your laptop. but do not be concerned. Chances are that after your laptop touchpad is not working, the fixes in all fairness easy. We’ll walk you through common troubleshooting steps to fix a trackpad that is now not functional. This article covers common methods for fixing a malfunctioning laptop touchpad, including ways to help unfreeze the mouse cursor.

Why is My Laptop Touchpad Not Working?

Operating System Not Responding

The first thing you should do is check if the laptop and operating system are not working properly. It could be that the laptop is frozen, which means it doesn’t respond to any commands you give. In this case, the touchpad wouldn’t work either.

Fn Key Combination

Some laptops have an Fn key + function key mixture to allow and disable the touchpad. If your laptop has this feature, press the button or keys to show the touchpad on and off a few times.

External Device

Some USB input devices automatically disable the touchpad when connected, also the laptop may disable its internal touchpad to avoid conflicts between the two input devices.

Also, The laptop touchpad does not work error can be caused by various reasons, e.g. conflict between software, outdated drivers, hardware fault, etc.

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Now, We have known problems with laptop pad not working

But how to fix this problem?

Here are the fixes and methods for the “laptop pad stopped working” issue. You can check the 10 ways to see if the Dell/Acer/HP/Toshiba/Lenovo laptop touchpad stopped working problem can be fixed, so as to get your laptop touchpad back to normal working.

Fixes for Laptop Touchpad Not Working Issue

Restart to Fix the Laptop Touchpad Not Working

Sometimes restarting/rebooting a laptop can help repair Windows 10 and 11 issues If your laptop is always left on or in sleep mode, rebooting it could fix the problem. You can perform a reboot or restart on your Windows laptop. Here’s how:

1. Click the “Start” button.

laptop restarting step 1

2. Hit the “Power” icon.

3. Select “Restart” from the power options. Wait until your laptop shuts down and restart.

laptop restarting step 2

After restarting, you can now check if the laptop touchpad works. If not, you can try the other options below.

Enable Touchpad in Settings

it may be possible that the touchpad is disabled in the settings. Being enabled or checked the touchpad in settings this problem can be fixed. Here’s how:

1. Click the “Start” button.

2. Go to “Settings.”

3. Next, go into “Bluetooth & Devices.”

4. Find and click the “Touchpad” to open the laptop touchpad settings window.

5. Ensure the touchpad is turned on, if not, turn the button to On under Touchpad.

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Reset Touchpad Settings

If the touchpad is turned on or enabled, you can troubleshoot the touchpad by Resetting the touchpad settings.

1. Press “Windows key+I” together to open Settings.

2. Then click “Bluetooth & Devices.”

3. Find “Touchpad” under the Bluetooth & Devices.

4. Click the Touchpad section to expand it, Click on the “Reset” button within this section.

5. Test the laptop touchpad to see if it works.

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Make Sure the Touchpad isn’t Disabled by a Function Key

One of the most common reasons why a laptop touchpad doesn’t work is that you accidentally used a key combination. Most laptops have an Fn key that performs basic functions in conjunction with F1, F2, and other function keys.

Most of these, like adjusting the brightness, or turning off wireless functionality, are useful. However, on some laptops, one of these key combinations will turn off the laptop touchpad. Because it’s so easy to accidentally tap, if you toggle it unknowingly, you’ll think your touchpad is broken.

You can enable the laptop touchpad again using the Fn key, but different laptops may have different touchpad hotkeys, and the other key can be F8, F6, F1, or F12. It’s hard to search. You can press different keys, but remember to press that combination of keys again if there is an error.

Disable Tablet PC Services

Touchscreen Windows laptops such as the 2-in-1 hybrid have a special backend service called Tablet PC Input Service. This controls the touch functionality, including activating your trackpad when in tablet mode.

There is a small chance that this could interfere with your trackpad during regular use. It’s worth checking to see if anything else hasn’t helped so far. To review, type services in the Start Menu to launch the “Services utility.” Here, go to “Tablet PC Input Service,” right-click it, and select Stop.

If your touchpad is working after doing this, you’ve got your problem. To avoid entering this function every time you boot, double-click to set the “Startup type to Manual” to avoid unnecessary runs. Disabled won’t do it at all, but this can cause your device to misbehave when used in tablet mode.

Remove Any External Mice to Activate the Touchpad

Moving on, another simple but important troubleshooting step for a laptop touchpad that doesn’t work is to try unplugging any USB mouse connected to your laptop. Any Bluetooth mice you may be using may also cut it.

This is because some laptops have a feature that activates the touchpad when connected to an external mouse. This may be why your touchpad stopped working. For best results when trying this, shut down your system, unplug all unnecessary devices and accessories, and then reboot.

Depending on your laptop, you might be able to tweak this setting to keep your trackpad active even with a mouse plugged in. Here’s how:

1. Open “Settings.”

2. Go to “Bluetooth & Devices.”

3. Find “Touchpad” and click it.

4. Click the Touchpad section to expand it, After that check the box next to “Leave Touchpad on When a Mouse Is Connected.”

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Update Touchpad Driver to Fix Laptop Touchpad Not Working

In fact, it is recommended that you update the drivers regularly to keep your laptop running smoothly. Other than a simple case of misconfiguration, there could be something wrong with your laptop’s touchpad drivers. Here’s how to update drivers:

1. Click “Start” and then type “Device Manager.”

2. Click “Device Manager” when it appears in search results.

3. In the Device Manager, expand “Mice and other pointing devices.”

4. Right-click on the touchpad entry it likely is named as “HID-compliant mouse.” Choose “Update Driver.”

5. Choose “Search automatically for drivers” and follow the instructions to update the touchpad drivers.

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Clean your Hands and Touchpad

Unless you have a very old laptop, the touchpad can be capacitive. That means it works by emitting tiny electrical impulses from your fingertips when you touch them. Dirt, especially grease, on the touchpad surface or your fingers, can prevent the capacitive from detecting installation.

Thoroughly clean a dirty touchpad with laptop cleaning wipes or isopropyl alcohol on a soft cloth. It is best to turn this laptop off and unplug it. Isopropyl alcohol will not damage electrical components, but it might corrode other cleaning fluids. Let the laptop touchpad dry before powering on the laptop.

Update your System

Microsoft regularly releases system software updates. System updates improve security, fix known issues, and generally help keep your computer running smoothly. This can fix any number of problems, including the type of software conflicts that could stop a touchpad from working. Here’s how to check and update:

1. Open Settings by “Windows + I.”

2. Go into “Windows Update.” Click the “Check for Updates” button, and then download and install any that are available.

If All Else Fails, Use a Mouse

The above steps should fix most trackpad issues. However, there is a chance that your laptop mouse touchpad still not working

In that case, you may have a hardware issue with your laptop. The cable may be damaged or the touchpad may be damaged. In those cases, you can take your laptop to a repair shop and get a professional opinion—or you can just start using an external mouse.

You can find a decent cheap mouse to hold you. Just ensure you know what to look for when buying one!

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