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15 Tips To Take Care Of Your Laptop And Ensure Its Longevity

Laptops are like an extension of our lifespan. Along with its great importance, a laptop is a very delicate electronic device, that needs proper care like a baby. Right? Don’t worry we have brought 15 tips to take care of your laptop and ensure its longevity

When people initially buy a new laptop, they give their system more attention. But a few months later people start getting indifferent towards their laptops. But did you know, that even the slightest mistake can cause harsh damage to your system?

So, if you want your laptop to last longer, you need to maintain your system. But how do you do that?

You don’t just have to take care of one thing, but you have to keep a lot of different things in mind when using a laptop. You may be wondering now what are such things then? This article covers all the precautions to keep in mind when using a laptop. Here are 15 good laptop care tips to help keep your laptop, inside and out, in good shape for years to come.

15 Tips To Take Care of Your Laptop and Ensure Its Longevity

Keep Food, Drinks, and Liquids Away


One of the most important ways and tips to ensure the longevity of your laptop and take care of the durability of your laptop is to keep it away from food and drinks. But if you drink while working, make sure you keep your cup away from the laptop so that, if it spills, the water doesn’t come directly onto the keyboard of your laptop.

Another option is to use a laptop stand that elevates your device and away from water and food.

Otherwise, keep the laptop as far away as possible when eating drinking, or working at a desk. This way crumbs or water doesn’t fall directly on the keyboard.

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Invest in Dedicated Cleaning Solutions

It is important to clean your laptop regularly. Make sure to pay particular attention to the keyboard, touchpad, display surface, and vents.

Below are some small investments that can help you keep your laptop clean.

Get a soft microfiber cloth for your laptop screen, and always keep a container with 75% abrasive alcohol on hand, so you can use it as a disinfectant when wiping the screen or keyboard.

Another important purchase is an air compressor (which usually comes in a box).

Finally, invest in a small soft brush and a cotton ball.

The key is to make sure that all parts are suitable for laptop maintenance, as using the wrong product can damage the surfaces. For example, screen wipes will have information on their labels about suitability for a laptop screen. Do not use common cleaning products or dish soap. Avoid paper towels as well.

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Increase Battery Lifespan

Increase laptop battery life

Even the battery life of the most impressive laptops can deteriorate over time. It’s must to optimize the battery settings for increased longevity.

The first thing you need to know is how long you plug in your laptop If you work at a desk most of the time, just plug in the power cord. Overcharging your laptop battery is not as big an issue as you might think. Modern laptops ensure that when your laptop reaches full charge, the power cord automatically stops supplying power until you need it again.

Also, if possible, never completely discharge your battery. Dropping your battery down to 0% before recharging has been shown to be detrimental to battery health.

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Invest in a Protective Sleeve or Bag

Investing in a dedicated carrier for your laptop is important to help prevent damage. There are many solutions to choose from. The slimmest laptop sleeves allow you to safely carry your laptop in your favorite bag or hand luggage.

You can also buy a laptop bag. These typically come with a couple of partitions that help carry other accessories, such as a power cord, mouse, earphones, or dongles.

As an alternative, many commercial backpacks also include a dedicated laptop package. Either way, when choosing a laptop carrier, make sure it has plenty of padding. Plain neoprene gloves may not provide adequate protection. We recommend choosing a company that specializes in electronic components.

Switch It Off Once in a While


Most people make this mistake. People usually don’t prefer to turn their laptop off, thus keeping it on, so they last longer. But it’s not the best way to maintain the lifespan of your laptop in the long run.

Hibernation or occasional sleep is necessary for your system to function properly. Not only it will restart your laptop’s overall power consumption, but it will also help it in its efficient and effective use. So, you can switch off your laptop every day. If that is impossible, try to turn it off at least once a week.

After restarting Windows or any other operating system, you will find that your programs run faster and more efficiently. For example, when you shut down your laptop, it erases its RAM, restarts, and loads everything from scratch, making it more efficient.

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Keep Laptop Out of Sunlight

Don’t leave your laptop out in the sun. It can be too hot, like when you are outside on a sunny day. This heat can damage the inside of your laptop and make it not work so well. Store in the shade or inside for protection. You can also use a special pad to help with cooling.

Keep It Up to Date

Usually, we avoid the update that flashes on our Laptop, sometimes due to data usage issues or time constraints. But did you know that it’s important to keep your laptop up-to-date? Every software update comes not only with new features but also with various patches and bug fixes.

Thus, it will enhance the security of that software and your laptop and make it work more efficiently and conveniently. After all, it also simplifies the overall performance of your laptop. To prevent internal problems, make sure to keep your system fault-free and up-to-date at all times.

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Do Not Use the Laptop on the Mattress

Do Not Use the Laptop on the Mattress

It cannot be denied that using a laptop on a mattress is more comfortable. But you need to be aware when you place your laptop on the bed without knowing that it blocks your laptop ventilation or there is a possibility that fine dust particles on the mattress enter the vents leading to laptop heat transfer blockage, if the laptop hot exhaust is a if clogged, it will easily overheat.

Free Up Your Storage

It is not always possible to load data onto your laptop because it will eventually reduce the overall speed of your laptop. Additionally, because you have stored more files on your computer, your processor will take more time to search for files in the large data indexes available.

So, make sure all your hard drives are always clean. Now, you can delete unnecessary files from your laptop. Alternatively, you can back up all your data to a physical peripheral and then delete that data from your PC. This is the safest way to back up your data, clean your laptop, and do it all in a secure offline manner.

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Do not Put Objects on the Laptop

This is often ignored by laptop owners, even though this ugly habit can have fatal consequences. Avoid putting heavy pressure on the laptop. This may damage the laptop screen.

Stay Virus-Free

Stay Virus-Free

Computer viruses and other malware can slow down your laptop, exposing your files, passwords, and activity history.

The first step to combat this is to install popular antivirus software and run regular scans (you can also automate it). Unfortunately, you may have to pay for the software to get adequate protection. Not all antivirus software is the same, and quality often comes at a high price. We recommend McAfee antivirus.

To help prevent some viruses, don’t click on links you don’t trust, especially from companies you wouldn’t trust describe it as reputable. When installing applications, just download them from the Microsoft Store or directly from the developer’s website.

Do not Carelessly Download Software from the Internet

Be careful about getting software (like apps or programs) from the internet. Some places on the internet might have bad stuff that can harm your laptop. Stick to getting software from safe and well-known places, like official websites or app stores.

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Prevent Overheating

overheating laptop

When your laptop is running, its components get hot. To ensure proper cooling, you should place your laptop on a hard surface like a table or desk.

If you decide to carry your laptop out, remember to turn it off before you put it into the bag. supposing it keeps working in an enclosure, the vents are covered ― preventing necessary airflow, which can lead to damage due to overheating.

If you feel a lot of overheating in your laptop, then try shutting it down for a few minutes. Also, clean its fan regularly, keep the air vents open, and keep your room temperature where you use the laptop.

Store Your Device Properly

Where and how you store your device is important, especially when it comes to exposing it to sunlight. Leaving your laptop by the window or in the car on a hot day is a recipe for disaster.

If you live in a cold climate country, it’s a good idea to turn on the dehumidifier in the room where you keep your laptop. Moisture in the air (especially salt water if you live near the ocean) can cause easy damage to parts of your computer.

Investing in a silicone keyboard cover can help protect your screen from scratches. It also helps protect your keyboard from liquids.

Screen-protection film can help keep your display running smoothly, but even with both types of protection, you still need to make sure you don’t put anything on top of your laptop.

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Future-Proof Performance

it might be a good idea to buy a laptop that is slightly more powerful than you need because laptops are not as easy to replace as desktops. For example, if you’re planning to buy a machine with an Intel® Core® i5 CPU, look at the i7 option instead. If you are used to using a computer with 8 GB of RAM, consider buying one with 16 GB.

Generally, the newer the software, the more power it will require ─ you can especially feel that if you’re a gamer. Spending a little more money now for more powerful devices could translate into savings in the future―because your laptop might be better suited to handling future software.

Some devices (especially production and gaming laptops) also have slots for storage or memory expansion. If you anticipate a larger project in the future, it would be wise to check out these machines.

Final Words

We have given some tips about taking care of your laptop computer, from the above article I hope you will pay more attention to your laptop.

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